University Press of Morocco

Scientific publishing

Health Sciences journal

Editing of papers, journals, case reports, letters to the editor...

Research Topics and Proceedings publication

Editing of Research Topics and proceedings in various fields.

Proofreading and Translation Services

Proofreading and translation of various types of manuscripts.

Project design service

 Design, proofreading, and writing of research projects.    

Objectives of the University Press of Morocco (UPM)

UPM aims to address an urgent and non-existent need for high-quality support in scientific publishing.

  • UPM hosts and publishes the scientific journal "Health Sciences." In addition to articles, reviews, letters to the editor, case reports, etc., UPM will also proceed with the publication of proceedings and research topics.
  • UPM Ensures a direct and efficient connection between authors, reviewers, translators, and scientific production services.
  • UPM provides expert and unbiased advice to authors to ensure high-quality scientific publication.

  • UPM provides authors with the necessary tools for writing international scientific research projects.


Adresse :

Mohammed VI Center for Research and Innovation. Mohamed Al Jazouli street, Madinat Al Irfane, Rabat, Maroc

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